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Sarah Juree: Fired For Only Fans Teach 2 Dumb Dudes

Should a struggling single mother be fired from her job for what she does off the clock? Sarah is a former school teacher and while struggling to make ends meet, decided to start an Only Fans page. She was fired for the decision, which was actually suggested by her boss and leaked by a washed-up, misogynistic, disgraced journalist.  This is much more than just a story about getting fired, but about women empowerment, personal choice, and hypocritical society. 
  1. Sarah Juree: Fired For Only Fans
  2. Diane Dean-Epps: Remembering Stories From World War 2
  3. Keri Kaplan Norley: What is Bitcoin and Decentralized Finance?
  4. Shawn Kelly: Talkin' Bout The Bucket
  5. Angela Myer: The Dangerous Undetected Narcissist

Welcome, and thank you for joining us at Teach 2 Dumb Dudes! My name is Rob Washburn and my co-host is Joe Bento. We’re creating a podcast because we want answers, damn it! And since it turns out that everyone is an expert these days, we’re gonna talk to them. And some people who aren’t experts but have some cool stories. But most importantly, we’ll learn something from every guest.

From sports to politics, from health experts (who many people just won’t listen to) and teachers, anyone who can teach us something, sign ‘em up! Ok, maybe not anyone, but you get the point. No topic is too big or too small. We want, porn stars and celebrities, marketers to mascots, writers or filmmakers, potheads and professors.

If us two morons can learn something about the way the world is or should be, we know the masses can follow suit and stop mucking it up! 

Listen up and get educated.

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